Ladies Flat Top haircut video

Posted on March 29, 2011 in Videos by Trixie

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In this video a girl gets a boyish flat top video haircut, done with clippers.

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September 8, 2011

Women are scared to get them selves a flattop, it seems.
But I had my wife go to the barbershop last week and she ended up with a sharp looking flattop!

She is afraid to leave the house now and she grumbles a lot now about her “shearing” as she calls it.
I like it and I am the one who has to look at it! So in another week or two, off ahe goes again to the barber!
She looks great and all she has to do is pop under the shower, rub it dry, smear some of that gel in it to make it stand up again and she is ready.
No more special shampoos, conditioners en what not. No more curlers either!!

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April 28, 2012

Reading this story i do wish your wife could convince mine to go together to an excellent barber to get both a high and tight flattop.

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May 14, 2012

I wish you had never put this on the net.
Last Saturday my husband took me to a barbershop and had the barber cut my hair off and clippered with a perfectly flat top, very masculin, whereas I am a petite very feminin young woman. It was done in a busy barbershop, so I had quite an audience.
I felt horrible, with all those horny men watching me getting sheared.
Now my husband wants me to go there every two weeks to get it sharpened up. I hate it!
He says I look hot now… He loves it!
You got him the idea !!!
Is your wife growing it out???

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May 23, 2012

To Lizbeth
No, babe, my wife will not let it grow out ! Not after all the persuading I had to do to get her to go to the barbershop in the first place. She is keeping a nice sexy flattop. And I hope you are changing your mind about your flattop. Haven’t you learned by now how attractive that is to many men ? It is definately the sexiest haircut for a woman.
I hope your husband will let you keep it. babe !
You will get used to it !

And to Jan.
Keep trying to convince your wife to get a nice flattop. Don’t give up. Show her pictures of cute girls with a flat top, tell her how it is a great turn on.
I wish you luck. I am very happy that my wife gave in and she likes it now, because she knows it is sexy !

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May 23, 2012

I agree whole heartedly with Floro !!!
I too had a hard time convincing my wife of getting a flat top. For many years she had shoulder long hair, blond and many curls.
I was tired, fed up with that look and fed upwith all those horrible curlers every night !
Finally I just about forced her to go to my barber and have it cut.
She now is a totally different woman ! I had the barber cut her hair short, clipper the sides and neck and make the top perfectly flat.
I love it. I let her know so every night in bed and sometimes in the daytime too. The first week-end I dyed it jet black and we never put any clothes on the whole week-end…
First she was angry with me, but in time she learned now to appreciate the benefits.
Now she goes regular;y for a touch up to keep it very sharp and neat. Now I have a beautiful wife at night too…

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May 24, 2012

My husband just about dragged me to his barbershop one day and told the barber tocut my long hair off and give me a flattop.
It was horrible. First he used scissors to cut my hair off and then he got the electric clippers. I wanted to die ! With a bunch of horny men watching he clippered the sides and the back down to about a quarter inch.
My scalp showed right through it…
The he wetted the top and brushed it back, he put some ger orsomething in it and cut it perfectly flat…!
I wanted to scream !
Now I have a flat top haircut. That week-end my husband deyed ot jet black.
Every two weeks i have to go back to the barbershop to get it sharpened up.
I’ll never get used to it !
He said he got the inspiration from Floro !

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August 24, 2012

I haven’t been on this site for a while. I must say that i like the above comments.
Recently my wife and I come out of the barbershop, Carole with a fresh spiffy flattop, next we went to the super market and ended up in line behind two ladies, not older than maybe 30, with very short hair too. One had a flat top, perfectly flat, like Carole and the other a very short old time boys haircut.
I thought it very attractive and my wife feels much better about her own hair !
Keep up the good works, keep the ladies flat top revolution going !!

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October 3, 2012

My husband talked me into getting a very short high and tight flattop haircut I didn’t think I would like it but I love it I will always keep my haircut this way.

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October 4, 2012

I can’t believe how nervous I was to get a flattop I got to the barber shop thirty minutes early and sat on the bench out front I must have smoked 2 packs of cigarettes.

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October 4, 2012

Hi Trixie I just got a flattop haircut about 2 Weeks ago now my husband wants me to completely razor shave my head I’m just not sure I’ve thought about shaving my head in the past but I really like the flattop just not sure if I should go all the way bald.

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June 7, 2014

Bet if you go bald, you will go back to the flattop soon again !

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October 6, 2012

Well I did it. Totally bald!!! My husband didn’t use A razor on me he used this no no hair remover machine. I like the way it feels totally smooth no stubble but it’s gonna take some getting use to looking at my totally bald head.

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November 27, 2012

It is amazing how many men like women with extremely sjort hair!
I am a sexy 26 year old woman, who had long hair all her life.
I ghrew up very conservative and had never dreamed of getting so much attention as I get now!
The secret???
Well, it was at my boyfriends urging. He bothered me for months with his desire to get my hair cut short.
Finally I agreed and left it to him how he wanted it it cut.
To my great embarresmemnt he took me to an old fashioned men’s barbershop. One from yesteryear…
I was placed in a red leather chair and he showed the old barber a picture out of a magazine.
The barber started on me. I wanted to sink through the floor, when he just ran his fingers through my long shiny hair and cut it off…., short….
Oh, god…, so short….
But to my great surprise my body reacted crazy. I became wet in my panties…! Almost immediately !!
I had never expected that it would be such an experience….
Yet I felt very embarrassed….
I still didn’t know what kind of haircut I was about to get.
It was going to be much different from what I had expected…
All my hair was cut off at about an inch length.
Then the barber took out some shiny clippers and that’s when I wanted to die….
In no time my hair on the left side was reduced to nothing but a stubble.
Around my ear he went and then in the back too….
Nothing was left, just a shadow…..
He went all around my head until all was down to nothing…..
Then he wet down the top and put some gook in it. He brushed it all back.
It started to stand up….
Then he told me not tomove my head.
“Sit perfectly still now!” he said….
In the mirraor I saw him carefully move the clippers over the top of my head.
Move after move he made it as flat as a tabletop…..

I was so embarrased that I started to cry…..
I looked horrible and came at the same time…..

My boyfriend was delighted though….
He wants me to keep my hair this way now….


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December 26, 2012

Trixie it’s been almost 3 months since my husband used no no on my scalp not a single hair has grown back lol. But it’s all good luvin the totally smooth bald head. :) Hugs

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December 26, 2012

Hiya Jolie. 3 months … oooo that’s a long tme without hair huny that no no must be very strong.

December 26, 2012

Trixie I don’t know if someone else would get the same results I’ve always had such thin hair and just kept getting thinner lol so it is much better for me I feel free don’t have to worry if I look bald because I am BALD :) and both my husband and my partner luv it and I do to. Hugs

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December 26, 2012

Ha ha Trixie I’m rockin this bald head. Hugs

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December 26, 2012

bald e so beautiful, so pure. i saw a few nice hunies on fb doing bald beautifully with beautiful pics. what reactions do you get from friends and people outside?

December 27, 2012

Hi Trixie I’m glad you asked I get all kinds of comments and reactions people that know me and what I looked like with balding lifeless hair has nothing but good comments and positive reactions people that don’t know me it’s kind of mixed mostly positive I have had a couple of negative comments but that’s all one lady at the post office thought I had cancer I told her no I’m just bald lol. What surprises me most all the people that hit on me men and women. I feel beautiful my husband gets mad when men try to hit on me and my partner gets mad when women try to hit on me. :) Hugs

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December 27, 2012

hiya i never thought that it would attract men and women, that’s crazy and fab. lots of attention. i luv attention. who doesn’t?

do get anyone weirdos wanting to rub and stroke bald head? or just hot guys / gals?

December 27, 2012

Really like the attention from the hottie ladies yum Hugs

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December 27, 2012

Hi Trixie just thought I would mention one of my girlfriends like my smooth bald head and wanted to use no no I talked her into just shaving her head for awhile and if she still likes it we’ll use no no after a couple of Weeks she still wanted it so we’ve used the no no on her three times I think she still has some trying to grow back but it has slowed down alot I think she’s getting there look alot Hugs

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December 27, 2012

oooo will no no stop it regrowing after some applications?

December 27, 2012

No haven’t met any weirdos mostly hottie gals like to rub my head poop makes me hot. Lol. And to your second comment no no is like laser hair removal kills the follicle. Hugs

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December 27, 2012

I’m sorry I don’t know how I got poop in last comment.. Lol that was suppose to say ooooooo so hot Hugs

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February 5, 2013

What an amazing conversation trail. The feeling of waiting for someone to decide how your hair will be cut, the anticipation is quite amazing I have been lucky enough to have done that. Putting your hair in the hands of someone you love and trust is exhilarating. To all the girls above, Liz, Erica, Lizbeth Jolie who have let their partners decide for them how their hair should be cut, you are amazing. Those of you lucky enough to have partners who are willing to play the game, well you are lucky indeed, I’m envious. I completely understand the emotion expressed by Liz, I hope your boyfriend loved the experience and loves the way you look. He is a very very lucky man.

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Jen eisele
February 10, 2013

I always wanted to a flat top but my husband does not want me do it I have a bowl cut that he won’t let me shave the sides he only does the nape how would I convince him to do it and give me a flat top

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February 12, 2013

Hi Jen, have to admit I do really like bowl cuts too! How about if you find a local salon with a really attractive hairdresser, go in let her know what you want, make a booking for a time your husband can join you. Then let your husband know you’ve found a new hairdresser who is really cute and that you have made a booking and would like him to come along and watch. I suspect when he arrives he will happily enjoy the show, especially when you let the hairdresser know she can do what she thinks would work best, she will of course say a flat top and then it will be hard for your husband to disagree. Good luck Jen.

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March 13, 2013

Well, Trixy, this is a remarkable site alright!
I would like to tell you about an experience we’ve had recently.
I am on an asignment for several months in Indonesia. A wonderful country and full of surprises.
My wife and I went to see some beautiful scenery. A canyon with a small river and very steep and high banks. A wonserfully paved road, but only “for pedestrians and two wheeled vehicles. After walking that for over a mile, taking pictures like regu;ar tourists, the road change into a path.
A few water buffaloes, some chickens, a little hut here and there…
And suddenly a small house with a sign: Pangkas Rapi”. That means ‘Neat Barbering’…!
In front of the house a man was cuttin another man’s hair into a flat crew cut. He was doing a great job of it !
My wife and i watched it aand took some pictures.
“Potomg rambut?” (haircut?) asked the barber, pointing at me.
I laughed and pointed at my wife…: “Potong pendek, seperti orang itu? (Cut short just like that man)”, I pointed at the customer.
Both men laughed and the barber said to wait for a minute.
As soon as the man was finished, they made some calls on their cell-phones.
I urged my wife to go sit on the chair, she had no idea what the cconversation had been about.
First she refused. I took her forcefully and sat her down. In just a few minutes a bunch of local men appeared out of nothing. They were willing to help, after I offered to pay them well. So Suzie had no way of avoiding surprise haircut.
It is amazing what a man can do with hand operated clippers! Maybe a little slower than the electric ones, but yet quite fast!
Without any pardon he plowed the thing into Suzies hair and i saw the hair slide down and nothing but a few millimeters of stubbled were left.
It was a wonderful sight, exciting and sensual to watch.
Suzie had stopped protesting and sat. madder than a wet hen, getting sheared.
He started on her left temple and soon in front of, above and behind her ear the hair was gone and her white skin showed through the short black stubbles. He worked fast. It took only a few minutes till he was working on Suzies other side.
The change was so suddenly that i was surprised by it myself.
I had seen Suzie’s hair fall away, her whole head shape was different!
Next the barber combed and brushed the hair on top backwards, while wetting it with a spray. Then he put sone wax on his comb and combed that into her hair.
In no time the hair stood straight up, unevely and a bit messy, but it stayed up fine!
The next was showing his professionalism alrigh, he ran the clippers over her head, while squeezing it all the time. That was quite a feat!

Just like the man before, Suzie’s hair changed into a wonderful brush like the brush of a shoeshine boy! It was very short. On the very top maybe only a quarter inch and no more than three quartes at the front of her head.
i was delighted and paid the barber royally and tipped all the smiling men. Some women, smiling sweetly, motioned, with shearing fingers above their heads,their approval to Suzie.
Suzie was wmbarrassed like hell.
I said to thes women; “Mau pangkas sama sama isteriku? Saya bayar..!”
(You want a haircut just like my wife too? I’ll pay for it”.
“Ya, Pak bayar saya berapa?” (Yes, how much does Mister pay me?”
I offered her two hundred thousand rupia’s. She wanted fifty!
i pointed at the other women, a pretty young woman stepped forward and pointed at herself: “Lima ratus ribu?”
This was getting to be real fun. Fifty bucks is a hell of a lot of money for them.
So i agreed.
She took Suzie’s place and the barber went to work again. This woman was all smiles, when the clippers sheared through her long black hair reducing it to almost nothing. The men sat down to enjoy the show and encouraged the other women to get their hair cut off too. It was a happy scene, everybody laughing and talking…
Even Suzie looked on in fascination.
A couple or hours later, we were surrounded by a half a dozen pretty brown women with a neat flat top haircut!!

Suzie had almost forgotten her new flat top hair with all the strange fun that had been going on.
On the way back toi the hotel, she had a hundred questions, Why did I wanted to do that? Was her hair cutting not enough fun?
I sensed that she was jealous of the attention I had given the other women.
In the hotel, I undressed her and threw her on the bed and took her slowly and deeply, making her cum three times before i let go too.
Maybe you begin to understand now”‘ I said feeling her short bristly hairs on top of her head.

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March 22, 2013

WHAT A LOVELY STORY! Is your wife keeping the flattop ? I hope so for youI really think it is about the sexiest thing a woman can do to herself. Flay yops are rare, but certainly attractive!
I wish I could find a girl, who wanted a flat top !

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March 25, 2013

Hi William.
Thanks for the complimemt. Yes, my wife is keeping that flattop. I hope forever !
Such a masculin haircut on a very feminine lady, only makes her femininity come out stronger ! I guess it is the contrast that does it, but I don’t know for sure. It is certainly a great turn on ! Suzie objected first to keep the flattop, but I insisted strongly and she gave in.
For the second time we went to a barbershop in Bukit Tinggi,where they have about eight chairs. We asked who was the best flattop cutter and they pointed out an older man. Suzie sat on the chair and he began to sharpen up her haircut.
Many of the other barbers and their customers had to watch this. The whole shop came to a standstill except for the star and her barber.
It didn’t take long and she had that wonderful haircut with sharp shaved lines and perfectly flat again.

This time Suzie giggled a lot and was not, or at least a lot less, embarrassed.
Right after we rushed back to the hotel to do what was urgent…

Suzie gets extremely excited with her own haircut now.
We are planning to pay a visit to that tiny village with those other ladies with flattops. See how they are doing.

Yes Thimothy, I know I am a lucky man, but don’t give up lookig for a lady who might like to do that too. You never know.
Good luck.

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April 20, 2013

I have always been intrigued by tattoos ever since I was a little girl.
I am 35 now and finally last year i went to a tattoo place and discussed what I wanted.
A week later and about nine hours later, I walked out of that place with nice big tattoos on both my arms.
I’m very excited with them and so is my husband. As a matter of fact he loves them very much and encourages me to get more work done.

But I saw some women at a show and they had their hair cut in a sharp looking crew cut with hair on top standing straight up and cut perfectly flat.
That fascinated me and my husband too. I could not keep that out of my mind for weeks…

Well you guessed it ! My husband took me to this old time barber. There were several men of about fifty or more.
And as I shivered from anticipation, I sat on the barber chair and had my hair sheared off!!
I have now a perfect flat and level head!
I was more nervous getting a flat top than when I got the tattoos!
I get regular touch ups of course to keep it sharp looking.
Well, what’s next, you may ask…

My husbamd and I have been discussing more tattooing to be done and maybe some piercings (fleshtunnels…?)
Anybody have some experience with that?


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May 25, 2013

Finally I had the time to go back to the village, where I had left those flattopped lovely ladies.

And if you are not interested in their haircuts, I still recommand you to visit there, because not only the women are stunning, the scenery is also out of this world.

Soon we were recognized by the villagers. Some men pointed at Suzie and made cutting motions with their fingers and smiled at her !
A few went thumbs up at her !

It turned out that with one exception the women had let their hair grow again. Only one had a poorly cut flattop. She had tried to keep her hair cut and flat by herself.

I asked where the barber was, but he was not at home. He was working in the fields.
We had something to drink and eat. The food is unblievably spicy !! It burns a hole in your soul !!

I promised the lady that I would be back the next day and if she liked it I would pay for a new haircut and pay her to boot, like I had done before.

The next morning we went back and sure enough they were waiting for us, including the barber.

Excitedly the lady sat on the chair when the barber was ready.
In a few minutes she had her jet black hair cut very short again with the top perfectly flat. She was very pleased with it ! Other villagers nodded approvingly.

Soon the other women who had had a flat top were present too and were asking me to let them get cut too…
I asked them if their husbands would lke it.
Shyly they told me that their husbands had been very excited by their hair !!
Guess I am not the only one who gets turned on by it !

Two young girls, couldn’t be much older than sixteen or seventeen wanted to get cut too !

It cost me a lot of rupia’s, but was well worth it. Even Suzie was all excited.

We ended up with all the flattopped ladies around a long table eating whatever they desired. A happy scene of pretty women with the same special hair cut all laughing and enjoying.

I suggested that we all would go to the city and have a day out on my expense !
They wanted it, but not without their husbands.
I promise them that we would come back for that. I would have to arrange transsportation for all of them.

Suzie was very excited with the idea too. Soon we will do that !

By the way, sex is better than ever ! Suzie agrees !

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August 26, 2013

This is in response to Liesbet. I admire your spunk ! I am always fascinated by well tattooed ladies. You certainly sound like one !
My present wife had her ears done as you mentioned. It is a slow process. We have been stretching them for a year and a half now and expect to be able to stretch them to about two and a half inch. That should be almost touching her shoulders.
She is not shy about it and has a clippered haircut. I think I like to have her get a flat top too. It will be a nice change from a round head to a square one !
I discussed tattooing with her and she is not against it, but very hesitant. Hopefully in time….
We love to hear more from you, you are a brave lady !
We will keep checking this blog regularly.
Noro and Tuti

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March 20, 2014

I have been watching this blog with interest for some time now.
Recently I had my husband read it too. He first said he didn’t think much sbout it. A few weeks later he ask me if I liked to get my hair cut short maybe. I told him “Yes, like in the blog.’
He knew right away what I meant.
When we went to bed, he talked about it again, he wanted to know how short I wanted my hair.
I want it like Suzy, I said. Sneaky enough, I checked with my hand in his PJ’s. I immediately felt that he aproved !.
The next Tuesday we went to his barber and assked if he could do flattops.
He could, he said. But he was really flabbergasted to see me take place in the chair !!
He sheared me profesionally and leveled my hair perfectly flat.
I have to admit that I was a bit embarrased to walk out on the street again.
My husband took me to the Mall to shop for what I wanted, to celebrate.
Lots of people watched me and my haircut ! I bought expensive make-up, big Gypsy earrings and three bottles of wine.
We had a fabulous night ! My husband is insatiable ! Next Tuesday I will gi again to have my flattop touched up again. Life has improved fantastically !

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brad da barber
May 9, 2015

I took my wife to a black barber and told him low on to andfad on back and side the results shorter than a flat top but just as clean I left for a cigg when I returned there was a big smile on her face and a huge bulge in his pants now she can’t wait too get in the barber chair I wonder why?

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