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Short Silver Hair Raven

Posted on March 6, 2013 in Videos by Trixie

Straight from the Gods themselves comes this divine cut specially created for long hairs needing a change. The model has blonde hair and dark roots so badly needs a holy chop and color. She chooses a short tidy nape and a short tufty crown to give a medium choppy cut and colors up to meet the old gods too. It’s more bright silver than old gray.

To save old people from looking old they need to tidy up their hair. Why don’t they buzz or shave it off? There’s nothing worse than feeling pity when they have the old straw that hasn’t had even had a yearly trim.


Short in the back blonde hairstyle and all around, from medium

Posted on February 11, 2012 in Videos by Trixie

Young model cuts her hair from shoulder length blonde into a short cut, with short nape and short around the ears (v. nice – Trix). This is a technical hairstyle video so there’s a lot of nice cutting and good camera work. If you’re interested in short hairstyles it’s time to have a look at this one.

I don’t like the black side. I know it’s nice to be different but for me it doesn’t work. I like the shorty back nape though.


Shortie hair cut in the back, with scissors

Posted on January 15, 2012 in Uncategorized by Trixie

Normally when we have the back very short we are at the mercy of the shaver and the stylyst controling it. Yet it’s FAB to see a hair stylist give a luvely shortly cut nape with scissor cutting in this video.

Back hair shorn better with shaver or scissors?

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I like at the end where she ruffles the back checking out the new cut.


Very short platinum blonde haircut pretty

Posted on December 29, 2011 in Videos by Trixie

Even if you’ve got short watch this video for a new look into a short platinum cut. You’ll luv it I promise :)


Very short geometric and asymmetric hair cut for adventure!

Posted on December 26, 2011 in Videos by Trixie

I’ve never seen a cut like this in real life but I think it’s sexxxy!! This girl has her hair cut really short around the sides and back and then cut into a blunt geometry. What a style. Striking!


Girls with lots of nice short haircuts and colors

Posted on October 7, 2011 in Videos by Trixie

Girlz model into short cuts! The best!! Luvly colors and some great cutting action and the end shows some stunning short hair. Technical haircut video.