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Pink Neon Hair with Love Escallope

Posted on September 8, 2013 in Videos by Trixie

There’s something amazing aboutr the fun of a new haircut. And when that also involves striking color only good things can happen. Pink, with enough neon to make a blind man get his sunglasses and call you crazy.

If you’re tired of your hair check the following clip and see how the arrival of a new cut and colour adds fizz and glamour. I luv it!

Get in the chair and get the new hair but the question is, who would dare to go to work with such hair?

I luv the high contrast shaved section on the side and around the back I just want to run my hands and it and ruffle the pink mop.


The Cathy By Fern The Barber - YouTube

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Credit: Fern The Barber



Let’s sharpen up that silver mop!

Posted on August 2, 2013 in Videos by Trixie

Silver shock of hair that’s been growing for a while and look like a Sunday granny it’s time to cut the mop and chop into a sexay short style. This style is chopped and shaved around the back for a tight and crisp cut and then printed with a design to turn it into Art.

Can hair be art, why not?

Play with colors, shapes, textures. Our heads can be our canvas and the scissors and clippers and blowdryers are the brushes!

Now to find your artist and let her/him create!


009 parikmaxer tv - YouTube-1008 parikmaxer tv - YouTube

Credit: http://www.youtube.com/user/parikmaxerTV

Not sure if she’s likin the cut because a weathered statue would have more enthusaism. I like it though.

Why artrists most famous when pushin up daisies? most struggle and live in poverty until dead then they famous! don’t wait till dead play with your hair now. get it transformed into a new look, cut it, shave it, color it. take a chance love it play with it


Bob Hair with Super Shaved Nape

Posted on June 16, 2013 in Videos by Trixie

 Experiment is normally for Nerd Scientists what they do in tubes. What all these samples in tubes are from these men in darkened secluded laboratories and then they suddenly announce they’ve found the answer to living with a lack of sunlight! Well they should get out more!

No point in shutting the door, switching on a machine, belching and drinking each other’s urine, then after 2 years says you’ve been developing Vitamin D.

Us women luv to experiment in a more beautiful way. Women work with beauty. With our appearance. And make changes for surprise and beauty. Especially our hair. Our hair and hair style is our beauty. Don’t touch our hair or you’ll be sorry!

We make changes to feel and look hotter, sexier, or just play around. My blog is for ideas to emerge on how we can make changes to our hair style so why not have a 2 in 1?

A normal bob to people you meet and super high shaved area in the back that gives style and play, fun!

It’s called a super high shaved nape bob.

It’s a perfect change from a bob to something more exciting and foxxy. Why not just go for it? Take you iPad, show them this blof post and say ‘I want that’ (gulp, but let’s do it!)


This Italian Hair Artist and his classy model shows you how it’s done and how beautiful it can be.

Make that change..

Massimo De Martino HAIRCUT (6) - YouTube

Massimo De Martino HAIRCUT (6) - YouTube-1

Super Short Shaved Nape Bob, hot or rot?

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So you’ve got a bob now what for your hair?

Posted on March 3, 2013 in Videos by Trixie

Bob’s are nice hair but can become a bit flat when growing down. Even you can look a cardboard cutout when some of my friends haven’t looked after theirs. I’ve had to take them to get it re-spiced to keep them chic and hot.

Most of them choose a short nape and I tell them to have it shaved. Most pause and call me crazy, then when they have it done they luv me, luv me more. One of my friends, Shandra, a shaved nape has made her wild in bed.

It’s a beautiful cut, can be very classy and very hot. I luv it!! It make me go all gooey inside.

Short nape shave for more hotness to a bob

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www.step4hair.com_ Geometryczny ład na głowie! - YouTube


Short Hair shaved nape

Posted on January 18, 2013 in Videos by Trixie

Fed up of all that shaggy hair on your shoulders? Fancy a haircut?

This style could be the very thing, a luvly short haircut with a short nape in the back. Get rid of that hair and become gorgeous!

Check the video to see how beautiful you can have your hair done.

shaved-nape1 - YouTube shorthair-shavednape2 - YouTube


Shoulder length to short boyish hair makeover

Posted on September 21, 2012 in Videos by Trixie

A model with shoulder length hair goes for a technical haircut to a short boyish cut. The nape is shaved nice and short, which i like. She seems to like it inthe end too. Good girl.